Sustainability, accessibility and inclusiveness.

Our integrated approach to sustainable development originates from our attention to both the environment and the people, who we believe to be central.

MSH has embarked upon a bold and meaningful path, as we developed a forward-looking strategy: our responsible decision-making aims at reducing our environmental impact, but also at empowering the people working with us and our territory, and meeting the expectations of our Guests. 

Our personal and individual investment creates a collective value for the whole society and the environment we live in.


  • Developing project of partial energy self-consumption, through to the fundings by the PNRR
  • Preset temperature regulation
  • Energy-saving system with window motion sensors
  • We try to eliminate plastic water bottles, by providing guests with 24bottles flasks they can refill 24bottles
  • Courtesy set Zero waste by Marie Danielle Marie Danielle
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • The ecological spheres: we encourage separate waste collection through our SFERA containers – certified design by Soldidesign / ReMade in Italy
  • The recycling of coffee capsules: we collect and dispose correctly of Nespresso capsules through the collection service of the supplier Nespresso


Our Host Team, our Housekeepers and empowerment: our organization chart is structured in a horizontal way, and our employees are hired with direct and stable contracts. We grow together to ensure our full potential.

Our suppliers are local: we selected durable and made in Italy furnishings and supplies, also employing local Bologna-based craftsmen and master artisans.


Our self check-in procedure allows us to dematerialize paper documents

Two charging stations for electric vehicles


Accessibility and inclusiveness

  • Our accommodation facilities consist of housings with completely secured and autonomous services and systems
  • Ongoing project for a partial removal of architectural barriers
  • Assistive technologies for a better hospitality experience
  • Our staff is all-female and of different origins
  • We support the projects of G.R.D. Bologna
MSH - Suite Comfort - Bologna